Size table

If you don´t know which size to choose, take your measurements as shown in figure below. For the correct size the measuring tape should not be tight. Unit is centimeter (cm).

For ordering, choose your height. Respectively A, B or C.

  • A corresponds to the height 155 - 163cm
  • B corresponds to the height 164 - 172cm
  • C corresponds to the height 173 - 182cm
Example: if you normally wear a size 36 and your height is 158cm, you should take a size 36A.

f - height         Stand in stocking feet with your feet slightly apart and your back to a wall. Measure from the floor to the top of your head.
a - bust            Measure completely around your bust at the fullest point with your arms relaxed at your sides. Measure with bra.
b - waist          Measure around your waist, in your underwear, at the point where your pants would normally ride. Keep one finger between                               the measuring tape and your body.
c - hips            Stand your heels together and measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor.