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Bibix brand offers casual velour clothes, designed and produced in Estonia. Our webshop allows you to combine glamorous velour tracksuits, choosing models and fabrics you like. Feel free to add embroidery with crystals to make your set even more personalized. We offer models for women and children.
Our products are made of high quality fabrics with wide range of colors to choose from. Velour fabric has amazing properties - it is elastic but will not stretch out even after long-term wear, fits any figure, doesn´t show stains and doesn´t wrinkle. The fabric carries a deep and vivid color with luxurious shine and stays that way even after numerous washes. Velour fabric is soft, comfortable and allows air to pass through. Our tracksuits are suitable to wear during pregnancy.
We also offer sizes 46-50!

In 3 weeks (maximum) after ordering, the product will be ready for shipping or pick up from our Tartu factory. 

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